ENG 110 Lab

ENG 110 Lab

We’re nearing the end of the ENG 110 Lab pilot, and survey results are looking good. Many students commented that the group work and one-on-one sessions were the strongest parts of the program!


Poetry Workshop


Poet, herbalist, and mother Ekere Tallie visited Shaw University on March 28th. She conducted a writing workshop in the morning, and then read her own work in the afternoon.
Here are a few writing prompts from the morning workshop:

1. Write down everything that you saw this morning–all of the small ordinary details.

2. Describe something commonplace, like an apple, without using the visual words associated with it (red, color, etc.)

3. Smell a candle–with your eyes shut (and without looking at the label) write about the memories that smell brings.

4. Listen to music without lyrics, and describe the setting that you see in your mind.

It was a wonderful visit, and Professor Dighton and Bowers’s classes were wonderful participants! Thank you to all who came out!

More information about Ekere Tallie can be found here :

Good luck with your writing!

Sweet Success



On Valentine’s Day the Writing Center, Tutorial Services, and Academic Success joined forces to bring four workshops to students. Each 45-minute segment focused on a different skills necessary for success in college. Students learned tips for time management through apps, the SQ3R method of studying, how to take lecture notes, and methods for calming test anxiety. We also enjoyed cookies, popcorn, and great door prizes.

The workshops were videotaped and will be posted (minus the prizes and treats) on the Tutorial Services website. We hope that students who weren’t able to make it (especially CAPE students) will take advantage of the video and develop their skills!

We plan to make these type of workshops a regular occurrence here at the Academic Success Center so that all students can develop these skills and be successful. That would be sweet 😉

Classes have Started!


The first groups of ENG 110 held class in the Writing Center this week. Since most classes used this time as an orientation and registration for the Writing Center, Tutorial Services, and MyWritingLab, we were thrilled to have BRAND NEW COMPUTERS in both the Writing Center AND Tutorial Services. Remember that all students are welcome to use these resources for their work!

As part of the QEP, these 110 students took a written pretest and one in grammar on the computers. Now that we have a baseline, the fun will begin! Next week classes will be experimenting with brainstorming methods (which include drawing, outlining, and talking to each other. They’ll also be learning what effective writing really is through a hands-on activity where students will make the call about what’s “good” and what’s not.

QEP Preparations

2/10 QEP Ticket Out: Excited

Where are we on the QEP right now? We are preparing to start the pilot program with all main campus ENG 110 courses in January!

The classes will be spending one day each week in the Writing Center, working on specific skills from grammar to thesis development. The faculty are choosing the lessons  and will have schedules developed by the start of next semester so that students can begin right away with these special skill-development lessons!

Writing Over Break

Classes may be over, but you still have application essays, cover letters, and major projects to work on! Don’t worry–the Writing Center is open over break for in-person or online sessions!

Vacation is a great time to get those applications done so that you can focus on classes when you get back. Visit to make an appointment!

(the Center will be closed December 24-27, and January 1-2)