With fifteen classes coming to the Writing Center weekly and 750 consultations, this semester was busy! We more than doubled the number of consultations from last year (the entire academic year!) in just this one semester. 381 unique students came to see us, which is approximately 18.5% of the student body. We hope to raise that to 20% in Spring 2014!

The ENG 110 classes went well–survey results showed that ~80% of students strongly agreed or agreed that the Lab had helped with each of the 5 Student Learning Outcomes (developing a main idea, organization, style, conventions, and revision). As with the previous semester, the group work and individualized instruction were the most highly-rated activities.

Many activities throughout the semester focused on organization and style, as those were two areas that were weak in pretests. We wrote many paragraphs, learned different strategies for outlining, and practiced varying sentence structure (which is much more fun than it sounds). Here’s an example:

“The dog ran toward his owner.” turns into “Slobbering, the dog bounded toward his owner, a man in a plaid shirt.”

Activities like this and the hard work of tutors, professors, and students all contributed to making this semester a success!