Poet, herbalist, and mother Ekere Tallie visited Shaw University on March 28th. She conducted a writing workshop in the morning, and then read her own work in the afternoon.
Here are a few writing prompts from the morning workshop:

1. Write down everything that you saw this morning–all of the small ordinary details.

2. Describe something commonplace, like an apple, without using the visual words associated with it (red, color, etc.)

3. Smell a candle–with your eyes shut (and without looking at the label) write about the memories that smell brings.

4. Listen to music without lyrics, and describe the setting that you see in your mind.

It was a wonderful visit, and Professor Dighton and Bowers’s classes were wonderful participants! Thank you to all who came out!

More information about Ekere Tallie can be found here : http://ekeretallie.wordpress.com/

Good luck with your writing!